Work with Tresco of Idaho for Probate Administration

Get Help with the Probate Process

The complicated probate process is no problem when you work with the talented team of probate administrators at Tresco of Idaho. Many Idaho families have chosen to use us as an independent third party to manage the probate process when appointing a family member or close friend isn’t available or may lead to conflict. As your estate’s personal representative we will:

  • Organize your personal assets and prepare an inventory of your estate
  • arrange for any necessary appraisals
  • Deal with your creditors if there are debts on the estate
  • Work through disputes among your family members
  • Distribute the assets of the estate according to your wishes

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Settle Estates Smoothly

This work is highly personal, and we know your family members all have different needs, wants and opinions. Our team of experts have decades of combined experience with estates of all sizes. We provide an impartial voice and independent decision maker to help with difficult situations. 

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